Google Display Advertising

You can reach 90% of the internet using the GDN (Google display network).



These are the network of sites all over the world that allow Google to put ads on. For example, the New York Times, eBay, The Sun.

There are numerous and enormous amounts of sites that you can advertise your business on. For example, nowadays nearly all local, regional and national newspapers have a website. Most of the time they will allow Google to advertise on their sites. (Google pays them whenever someone clicks on the ads).

There are sites in virtually every niche and vertical that allow Google ads (because Google pays them to do it). Hence why Google claim to reach 90% of the internet.

You can also advertise on sites such as YouTube, with the display network: (picture)

Display Advertising on youtube


So you don’t have to use just video advertising on YouTube.

There are also some great targeting options. For example, you could just show your ads to females, aged 40-44, in a 5 mile radius of your local area. Or you can target whole countries. Or the whole world. All ages, all genders (male, female, unknown).

The Google Display network is one of the best kept secrets and can generate you huge amounts of targeted traffic for your business.

Because there is still much unused inventory on the GDN (picture) clicks are still relatively cheap, especially when compared to other more mature forms of advertising.

So for example, a small ad in a physical newspaper for 1 month might cost you £120. You might get for example 10 enquirers, and 100 people might have seen your ad and emailed you or contacted you. So each enquiry would cost you £12.

You could use google display advertising to put that same ad, on many more websites, including the local newspapers. You could also put that same ad on national newspapers, and YouTube, BUT ONLY TARGET YOUR LOCAL AREA.

So you could get a huge reach. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site. So you can have the ad on these websites for as long as you want. Time isn’t a factor, you ONLY pay for interested clicks on your ad!

So lets say you get 100 people clicking on your ad, and 10 of them go on to make further inquiries. (In actual fact you can get huge amounts of traffic. But lets keep the figures the same for this example).

A typical cost per click is between £0.15 – £0.40 on the display network. So these 10 inquiries would cost you between £15 to £40, and as opposed to £120.

Advertising on the internet is very cost effective!

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